Academy Terms & Conditions

Club (Terms & Condition)
Little Tigers Football Academy Policy and you are agreeing to it by registering your child with us:

  • Little Tigers Football Academy – Reserve the Right to Cancel or Refuse Membership at Our Discretion.

  • Read All Club Policies, (Club Website).

  • LTFA has zero tolerance for violent behaviour from member, Players/Parents and Supporters with immediate effect your membership will be cancelled, no matter who is at fault.

  • Annual Membership Registration Fee £40 – Discount £40 = 00 but, you must buy the Club Uniforms and Pay Monthly for training/matches. (Check the Fees/Packages Page on LTFA Website).

  • We want you to register your child for a season if your child plays for our League Teams and you pay monthly. (This does not mean we cannot cancel your membership or remove your child from a team).

  • If your child is just training in The Development Teams – you pay monthly, you membership is based on monthly basis. (This does not mean we cannot cancel your membership or remove your child from a team).

  • We have the rights to ask for a full payment if membership is Cancelled due to breaking LTFA Club Rules & Regulation.

  • LTFA- New Season Starts 1st  July and finishes the following year on the 30th June, we are open all year round, except Christmas and New year.

  • LTFA Membership: is for the full football season (Starting from 1st of July). You register for a season membership and will pay monthly. If you do not attend, you still pay because we have planned for you to attend and have occurring costs.

  • League team players will be selected based on Talent Equal Ability plus Capability and Commitment from Parents.
  • Only on Emergency, you can freeze your account, if you are not attending for more than a month must email us:

  • We are NOT pay as you go academy. At LTFA, we are raising the standards and asking to do your part. Everyone academy is different and has their own rules. We are working to the highest standards possible at this level.

  • LTFA- Wants to improve your child, therefore, we want parents support and cooperation. You must fulfil all commitments to LTFA for the full season.

  •  If your child Does Not Attend for more than 4 weeks, we will automatically cancel the membership and remove your child from our system.

  • If you owe the club money, you must pay it otherwise, we will inform the League/ FA to block your child from participation.

  • Once you register your child. You will get a welcome email from LTFA.

  • If you do not Disclose the full medical condition of your child, we will cancel your membership immediately.


Payments: Monthly: Into Bank Account 

  • SET UP STANDING ORDER FORM – pay into LTFA Bank Account Monthly.

  • We will Invoice you, via email on the 1st  of each Month. To make payment within 7 days. Best way is pay into LTFA Bank Account using the Reference in the invoice. You are paying in advance for the month.

  • LTFA are open – you must pay the monthly fee. Whether you attend or not. Unless on medical ground – Proof must be provided.

  • Pay late = £10 Fine, will be added to the following months invoice. As you understand we need the funds to continue our operations.

  • No Pay = No Play: Until the invoice is cleared your child can not attend training or matches.


Refund Policy:

  • LTFA – Do not Refund After 7 days. You have 7 days to ask for refund or return a product. A product must not be used or opened from the original package.


LTFA Bank Details:

  • Account Name: Little Tigers Football Academy

  • Bank Name: Metro Bank

  • Account: 30685768

  • Sort Code: 23-05-80


On Training Day (Must Follow):

  • Arrive 5 mins early – Go to Welfare Officer for Register.

  • Register signing starts 5 minutes before session starts.

  • Parents must be present at all times during training/matches. (enjoy cafeteria room).

  • LTFA, we are not responsible for your child before or after training session. 

  • Parent must drop the child at the pitch side and scan in with LTFA staff member using our QR code provided. Parents must pick up the child from the training ground (Pitch).

  • LTFA – we are not responsible for your child’s property.

  • Training Jackets Property write the child’s name on the label.


Correct Training/Match-Day Uniform:

(Monthly Checks) – Correct way prevents injuries and accidents.

  • Wear: – Jacket, Shirt, Short, Shin pads, Football Socks, Boots.

  • Wear Football Glasses- Protect your child’s eyes from accidents. We are not responsible for any accidents, as we warn you to solve this before attending.

  • For Not wearing correct uniform = £5 Fine.

  • For Not wearing shinpads = £5 Fine.

  • For Not having water = £5 Fine.


Players Code of Conduct:

  • Must Train to Play

  • Must Attend all season

  • Must Attend all sessions.

  • Must Commit 100% to LTFA.

  • Must come ready to training – fully dressed for play

  • Must listen to the coach

  • Must work hard

  • Should improve / learn to be positive

  • No Changing Allowed


Parents Code of Conduct: (Must Read and Understand)

  • Respect Coach

  • Respect referee

  • No Arguments or Shouting (Be a good example for your child)

  • Wining is not everything (Performance is key)

  • Must Help Coach

  • Let the coach do his job

  • Do not get upset (if the coach tells off your child)

  • Parents Must be present all the time.


Marketing, Social Media, Academy Website Little Tigers Football Academy will make small video and take pictures of the training session/match days for publicity purposes.

Declaration by signing with LTFA your agreeing the following:
I the parent and player agree to be bound by and to observe the Academy Rules, Regulation and all competition in which the club participates. The consent given is proof of the rules and regulation acceptance. If you do not abide by the Club Rules, we have the Rights to Cancel your membership with immediate effect.